College Costs Increase the Most in Consumer Price Index

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Monday, Sep. 9, 2013 12:00 am  

The Consumer Price Index has risen 179 percent since 1980, while college tuition and fees have increased by 893 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Those figures and others are presented in this chart by the Center for College Affordability & Productivity, based in Washington, D.C.

“By comparing the 1980 average seasonal-adjusted annual price for each category to its 2012 counterpart (with a base period of 1982-1984=100), we found that college costs have risen almost twice as much as the increase in the price of medical care, an oft-heralded exemplar of rising costs, and over six times more than the prices of food, housing, electricity, and apparel,” the center says.



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