Q&A with PressBaby: From Startup Weekend to the ARK, and the Differences Between LR and NWA

by Mark Carter  on Monday, Sep. 16, 2013 9:45 am  

A few are providing audio versions of their written content. There are a few apps available that provide audio versions of select written articles from major publishers. But we are not seeing anyone partner directly with publishers to provide full-length quality journalism as both audio and video options for consumers with interact with and publishers to monetize. That is where PressBaby is unique.

IA: Where else could you go with this idea?

Emily: At our core, PressBaby is about digital media solutions for content. We believe that we can take this to newspapers, magazines and bloggers. Our vision is have every article on the web "playable" as audio or video content. I dream of the day with there is a PressPlay button powered by PressBaby on websites, next to the Twitter button and Facebook button that users already expect to find next to everything on the web.

The evolution of the concept has many legs. We can provide easy ways for consumers to share portions of the content in any of the formats with their friends. We can encourage crowdsourcing of articles recorded by every day people to share with their friends. We can send written content to televisions as recorded content. How much space do you have for this article? I could go on and on with the ideas we have for taking PressBaby and its products into the future.

IA: What’s the best thing about starting up, and of course, what’s the toughest?

Emily: For me, the best thing about starting up is learning something new everyday. That also happens to be the toughest thing! As I learned, more ideas would bubble to the surface about how to make the product better. But as I learned, I saw mistakes we had already made and wished that I had known it earlier. I can't even count how many times I said, "and here is something else I wish I had known on June 3rd!"



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