Soderquist Center A Treat, Inside And Out

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Monday, Sep. 23, 2013 12:00 am  

Soderquist annually honors its graduating fellows with a Send Off.

A physical workspace spread over two campuses in northwest Arkansas, including a 95-acre retreat on Beaver Lake, makes the Soderquist Center for Leadership & Ethics a beautiful place to work.

But the efforts it takes to accommodate and enhance the work experience for its employees makes it a great place to work, and places it on Arkansas Business’ 2013 list of the Best Places to Work.

The non-profit Soderquist Center, affiliated with John Brown University, is a provider of leadership development. The center is located on the JBU campus in Siloam Springs but its Greystone Estate on Beaver Lake, just outside Rogers, offers a 16,000-SF mansion that is used for client program sessions and employee events.

“The Soderquist Center is a unique and great place to work because of who we are and what we do,” said Communications Manager Clayton Anderson. “We’re a non-profit. We attract very talented professionals with incredible experience who are inspired by our mission and purpose. And, every day, our team serves for-profit business leaders with high expectations of us.

“So the anatomy of our organization — of our team — has become this heart for impacting leaders, a mind for business and strategy, skilled hands in training and development, and an appetite for high performance.”

The Soderquist Center acknowledges that its employees work hard for their clients — and it likes to reward them. It offers benefits such as flexible hours, various employee assistance programs and workshops, and free or discounted tickets to outside activities. Plus, children of the center’s employees receive free tuition at JBU.

Other employee activities unique to the center include:

• The annual chili cookoff, the Bun Off Run-Off and chip and dip competition

• Hog-Eye Marathon Relay Race

• The Purple Cow, a monthly award presented to the employee doing the most “remarkable” work

• Sweats Day, where employees are encouraged to come to work in sweats on the last day of the center’s winter dead week

• Lake Day, when employees gather at a lake house for boating, games, food and fellowship



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