Bill Ritter at AAEA Conference: Congress Misses on Advanced Energy

by Mark Carter  on Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013 2:27 pm  

Bill Ritter

In the 2013 legislative session, state lawmakers passed the Property Assessed Clean Energy Act, approved amendments to the Guaranteed Energy Cost Savings Act, authorized state agencies to issue energy efficiency improvement bonds, and passed the Clean Burning Motor Fuels Development Act.

"Arkansas moved the needle on energy efficiency in a pretty serious way," he said. "Relative to other states, Arkansas did a pretty good job."

Ritter called advanced energy perhaps the most important issue for generations to come, not only from a climate change perspective but an economic development one as well.

Other notes of interest from Ritter's address:

  • The CNEE developed a website,, that tracks advanced energy legislation in every state.
  • Ritter doesn't believe there will be a renewable energy standard expansion in the next several years.
  • He said some states are thinking about enacting their own clean energy standards.
  • Carbon pricing will never happen, he believes. The politics to move it forward is just not there, he said.
  • Capping emissions from existing coal plants will be the biggest thing the EPA does, he believes.
  • Ritter said the mortgage industry doesn't recognize that energy efficiency has value.

To move the conversation forward in the current political reality, Ritter said advanced energy proponents must make the "business case."

"Clean energy solutions reduce emissions but also create jobs," he said. "This spans the partisan divide."



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