Health Care Hospitality: Hospitals Use Amenities To Dazzle Patients

by Jan Cottingham  on Monday, Oct. 7, 2013 12:00 am  

“How we meet our patients’ expectations has become a vibrant part of the conversation in hospitals,” Foster said. “And now that we can measure how well we’re doing and try different things to see if we can improve, there’s a lot of activity underway.”

With patient satisfaction scores helping determine hospital reimbursements for Medicare, ensuring that the patient experience is positive assumes even greater importance.

“For the first time, Medicare has a reward and a penalty system for patient experience,” said Aduddell, of St. Vincent. “Those results are being reported publicly. That, too, is pushing people to make sure that patient experience is as positive as possible.”

And, of course, the reach of the Internet also has led to increased emphasis on ratings. Hospitals’ HCAHPS scores are readily available at

“People are on Facebook; they’re on Twitter,” said Aduddell.

“They’re reading and doing searches to find out about you, and they’re looking at comments that people are making. So if the comments that are out there, if the information that they can find when they search for you is positive, that’s obviously going to be positive. And if it’s negative, that too could have an impact. We obviously want to have a positive story out there.”



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