Traditional Business Cards Get High Tech Tweaks

by Tre Baker  on Monday, Oct. 21, 2013 12:00 am  

The points against NFC cards sound similar to the cons for QR codes. The device needs to already have an app installed before it can read data. Besides, you wouldn’t just download anything on to your phone or tablet, right? A potential client or networking partner is going to have to trust you when you hand them your card that you’re not offering a damaging virus or something else malicious.

So we’re back to business cards. They might not be the most technically advanced piece of office machinery out there, but there are plenty of reasons why they’ve been around so long and are still used.

Instead of a QR code, put an easy-to-remember web address in your profile. That way, the recipient can visit your website without having to open up an extra app. If you want to work your way to the inside of their contacts folder, exchange cards and then later send them a vCard, a virtual card format file that will automatically add your card profile with the click of a button, no scanning or tapping needed.

Keeping it simple and traditional with your business cards isn’t going to hurt you when it comes to networking outside of Silicon Valley. Besides, that buffet restaurant is never going to be award you a free lunch when the manager pulls that QR code out of the fishbowl.



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