Financial Advisor Joey Small on What Young Investors Need for Long Term

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Monday, Oct. 14, 2013 12:00 am  

Joey Small

Start saving early. Take full advantage of retirement plans offered through your employer, starting out with the employer match and increasing by 1 percent each year. Consider setting up a systematic savings plan to pay for education using a 529 plan or Uniform Transfer to Minors Act account.

What’s the most significant thing you’ve learned about wealth management during your career?

Wealth is not achieved overnight. Investors have to be patient and willing to weather the emotional ups and downs of the markets through good and bad times. Those who develop and follow a financial plan will be rewarded over the long term.

What was your best decision? Worst?

My best decision was becoming a part of American Express Financial Advisors, which is now Ameriprise Financial. Choosing a profession that allows me to work so closely with my clients, and make a positive impact in their financial lives, is incredibly gratifying.

My worst decision would have to be not hiring more staff sooner. A knowledgeable staff allows me to have time to really focus on developing my business and more time for family. Our team of professionals has improved our clients’ experience.



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