Startup Weekend Coming to Northwest Arkansas

by Mark Carter  on Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2013 8:50 am  

Farrell: At this point, we are not directly involved with facilitating events in other locations, but we have every intention of inspiring our team of co-organizers, attendees, and community members to step up and host events in other communities. Folks in the state have had our back, so we’ve definitely got theirs.  

IA: Will this event benefit from the momentum created by Startup Weekend Little Rock?

Carlisle: We couldn’t have asked for a better Little Rock event. Two teams raised $20,000 each and completed The ARK Challenge. The event transformed corporate employees into co-founders. Strangers became friends and then became collaborators. The hype from the upcoming event has all the makings to surpass what was accomplished in Little Rock. We’re pumped!

IA: Startup Weekend, G60, the ARK, the plans for Argenta….describe the entrepreneurial momentum in the state right now.

Farrell: Entrepreneurship isn’t just happening with startups; government types and corporations are all looking for ways to be more innovative and demonstrate intrapreneurship inside their operations. It’s the perfect breeding ground for disruption whether a business is already in a space or another wants to penetrate a new market. Small companies can move fast, make mistakes and keep building -- that mindset gives startups a huge competitive edge to disrupt larger companies and the state’s core industries.

IA: What’s the toughest thing about organizing a Startup Weekend?

Carlisle: Getting the community to buy in. We know this event will be life-changing for the attendees. The tricky thing is getting the entrepreneurs, business leaders and curious minds to give us a chance.

IA: What’s the most fun part?

Farrell: Building community. Connecting people. Making friends. Seeing the ripple effect of activity after a Startup Weekend.

Startup Weekend NWA tickets are $50 and $75. Get more information here, and register here



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