Troubled Valley Heights Apartments in Little Rock Try New Lease on Life

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Oct. 28, 2013 12:00 am  

“Early on in these neighborhood meetings he brought his entire staff,” Remmel said. “But at a follow-up meeting, he came back and revealed he had fired his property manager, and when he had done so, the rest of his staff just walked out and quit. He had to scramble to get the people to man his apartment complex.”

Then, in 2011, Henry discovered that he had lost thousands of dollars to embezzlement from his controller and general manager, Samuel and Landan Mitchell, whom he hired in 2009.

Henry told Arkansas Business in 2011 that he interviewed Samuel and performed a criminal background check, which came up clean.

A few months later, Landan said his family business, a car dealership, was being shut down, so he too needed a job.

Henry told him he wouldn’t be able to pay Landan what he was expecting, but he could hire him.

“I started out with a criminal background check,” Henry said. “Nothing showed up. Both of them were clean.”

“I found that very ironic,” Remmel said. “In some of our previous neighborhood meetings, we were hitting pretty hard on David about his lack of background checks [for tenants]. He talked about how they were adequate and he had full confidence in them.”

He deemed that ironic because it turned out that one of the cousins had a history of criminal behavior

The Mitchells were fired and later convicted of crimes, but Henry Corp. apparently never recovered from the damage.

The Burn

Henry said after he fired the Mitchells he hired a CPA with 20 years of experience.

“He’s now my controller,” Henry said in 2011. “The saving grace, the silver lining, is I’ve got awesome talent now on board. I’m enthusiastic and excited about our future.”



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