Arkansas Children's Hospital Expands HealthTeacher Distribution to Public Schools

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Oct. 28, 2013 12:00 am  

Scott Gordon

The program is offered for free to schools wanting to use it, Gordon said. The costs are shouldered by Children’s Hospital’s community benefit fund.

“We have a whole series of things we do around the state to promote the health status of children,” Gordon said.

He did not have an exact dollar figure but said Health Teacher has so far cost the hospital somewhere in the “low- to mid-six figures.”

The rollout will take a couple of years, Gordon said, but when it’s complete, Arkansas will be the first state in HealthTeacher’s history to have access to the program in all of its public schools.

“HealthTeacher has about three and a half people in the state working full time to help schools get online, learn to use the program, serve as resources and troubleshoot,” Gordon said. “It’s an ongoing process. Even though it’s free, sometimes people are skeptical. We have to overcome the skepticism of ‘Where’s the catch?’ There’s no catch; we just want students to get access to it.”



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