Mark White on Who Wins, Who Loses With Obamacare

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Monday, Nov. 11, 2013 12:00 am  

Mark White

The younger and healthier population will see a very different marketplace. The ACA establishes Qualified Health Plans that require certain benefits be applied uniformly and, as a result, generally increase costs. This is because additional benefits will be delivered to all policyholders (even if they never use the benefit, e.g., maternity coverage for single males) and paid for by the insurance companies. Some new taxes and fees also will be a part of the product price.

You’ve been in the insurance business 40 years. What about it has changed the most?

The fact that more individuals have coverage for health-related expenditures due to Medicare, Medicaid and even the implementation of Medicare prescription drug coverage. These programs helped narrow the gap in the uninsured population, which is being further addressed by the ACA.

Also, the continuing pace of change in delivery of care, technology and pharmacology is simultaneously a blessing of our country’s medical economy and a large component of our cost issues.



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