Mangan Holcomb to Update Health Connector Site

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Nov. 18, 2013 12:00 am  

Little Rock ad firm Mangan Holcomb Partners will provide a one-time, free-of-charge update to, a site the company was initially paid $4.3 million to create and market.

Heather Haywood, spokeswoman for the Health Connector division of the Arkansas Insurance Department, said the renewal of the company’s contract would have been $4.4 million, but the state Legislative Council allowed the contract to expire at the end of September. Since then, the site has languished as the Insurance Department lacked the expertise to continue the marketing effort and update the site.

However, Mangan Holcomb has now agreed to update the site for free. CEO David Rainwater said the update was a common-good effort. He also said he hopes this update will keep his firm in the running for future work on the site.

Haywood said Mangan Holcomb’s pro bono work will update three areas:

  • A “guides” area that links to a PDF of assisters licensed to help enroll in coverage;
  • Another PDF list of about 1,400 agents and brokers in the state; and
  • A calendar of events showing information about enrollment events, outreach, health fairs and so forth.

Haywood said that if Mangan Holcomb hadn’t provided the updates, the information would still have been available on the Insurance Department site, but without the links on, the department would have had a hard time making sure people knew about them.

Mangan Holcomb’s original contract, paid for by a federal grant, involved building the site as well as providing an advertising campaign and public relations.



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