Young CEOs: Entrepreneurship in Schools Possible

by Mark Carter  on Friday, Nov. 22, 2013 10:44 am  

Josh Moody (left) and Michael Paladino of Overwatch show off their app at the ARK Challenge Demo Day. Moody, a senior at Catholic High, participated in a young CEO panel discussion Thursday in Little Rock. (Photo by Beth Hall)

Allan and Reddy have developed their product, which offers a way for students and schools to track and verify community service hours, and are negotiating with schools in Arkansas to test it. From there, they want to offer the product to corporations.

Both plan to graduate in the spring, Allan with a philosophy degree and Reddy with a biochemistry degree, and continue to grow the company.

Hall is testing a way to monetize her site, currently tailored to Harry Potter fans. She wants to "incentivize users" to pay for services through games. Her plans after high school include college where she wants to pursue screenwriting and cinematography, but Hall said she'd be willing to delay her freshman year if entrepreneurship got in the way.

Moody also is prepared to delay his entry into college if necessary. Once there, he plans to study business and design. Meanwhile, the Overwatch product is set to launch in stores by early next year and continues to take up much of his time. Moody called high-school entrepreneurship a learning process.

"Having an entire day to just work on your startup every week is very difficult," he said. "You really do have to think out your week before it starts and really plan out your day. But this is possible to do while you're in school. Just don't be afraid of failing, because that's just a learning experience."



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