Improved Roads in Carlisle Still Reach City's Heart (Quality of Life | Winner, Fewer than 5,000)

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Monday, Dec. 9, 2013 12:00 am  

More economic development can be seen in building the Carlisle Senior Citizens Center. Using grant money, donations and a loan that was paid back in two years, the $300,000 facility now provides a public place for seniors to eat meals and enjoy activities five days a week. Adjacent to the center, a new park was developed complete with a walking track for exercise.

But it all comes back to the streets of Carlisle. In 2011, Mayor Glover and the City Council asked the residents to pass a seven-eighths of a cent sales tax to pave all of the streets in Carlisle. The sales tax passed. Where there used to be crumbling pavement or dirt on the roads the people of Carlisle used to get from one point to another, there are now paved streets.

“The improvements made in our city over the last few years,” said Glover, “have instilled a greater sense of community pride within our citizens and certainly have added to everyone’s quality of life.”

And now, it’s not just the travelers on I-40 who are getting around with ease.



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