Recovery of Dassault Falcon Jet Benefits Arkansas

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Dec. 9, 2013 12:00 am  

Grant Tennille, executive director of the AEDC, said the acquisition of land for the project took some time, but “our sense is that the design and engineering are moving forward, and that Dassault is on track,” he said. “We remain excited about Dassault’s commitment to Arkansas and to Little Rock.”

When finished, the facility’s completion capacity can increase to 90 planes per year, Ajarrista said.

He said the first part of the expansion, building a new small hangar, was completed subsequent to the May announcement. A new five-axis machining center is currently being tested to be installed in that hangar. Ajarrista said the machinery is useful for working with curved surfaces.

Next in line is expanding the company’s capacity to work on headliners — aircraft ceilings. “We needed to expand that area, which was become cluttered,” Ajarrista said. “That part is being modified and expanded and should be done by May 2014.”

Dassault is working with Polk Stanley Wilcox of Little Rock in designing a new seat shop, which is slated to break ground in March. The shop will be finished by the third quarter of 2015.

But the completion of the expansion depends on when the 5X is ready for production. Currently, it’s undergoing testing in France. “We will really see things happening in 2014,” Ajarrista said.



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