Thoughts On the Season (Gwen Moritz Editor's Note)

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Monday, Dec. 9, 2013 12:00 am  

At that point, a man my friend described as “professorial-looking” spoke up. He told her that he hoped her Christmas would be merry, but since he was celebrating Hanukkah at that time, he wanted to pay for her coffee and muffin in the spirit of his holiday.

“I don’t think she apologized,” my friend said, “but she did thank him. I wonder if it ever crossed her mind that his response could have been anger or annoyance or just ignoring her like most did (including me). But he took the high road — the one that Jesus guy probably would have chosen in that situation.”

Meanwhile, I saw Sarah Palin interviewed about her new book (and other things) by Matt Lauer on NBC. Among other things, she proclaimed, “I love the commercialization of Christmas because it spreads the Christmas cheer.” She may be cynical, but at least she’s not a total hypocrite.

• The wisest words I heard on this subject were posted on Facebook by my friend Jack Shock, chairman of the communications department at Harding University:

“If He can survive being born in a barn, you can survive Radio Shack wishing you Happy Holidays.

“Now go focus on a real problem, which is how we’re going to help each other get through the next week.”

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