VIC Portfolio Company Announces Patent for Brain Health Product

by Mark Carter  on Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013 10:06 am  

Calvin Goforth, CEO and founder of VIC Technology Venture Development

Sevo Nutraceuticals, a portfolio company of Fayetteville's VIC Technology Venture Development, on Thursday announced a patent for its Perceptiv product, a supplement for brain health and cognitive performance.

The product is based on research from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and the work of researcher Thomas Shea. Sevo was established in 2012 out of VIC's office in Waltham, Mass., outside of Boston. (The Massachusetts office formerly operated as Atlantic VIC.)

VIC recently opened another office in Annapolis, Md., with plans to open more branch offices across the country, each with its own executive team. Plus, VIC anticipates opening four new portfolio companies in the next year, according to CEO Calvin Goforth.

VIC was established in 2000 in Fayetteville as a consulting firm for tech-based startups and since has grown to acquire and create companies based on exclusively licensed technologies. Currently, it has 13 firms in its portfolio including several Innovate Arkansas client firms.

The patent for Perceptiv is based on multiple, independent clinical studies from Shea and his team in which the product improved cognitive performance for healthy adults and for those diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, according to a news release.

"While there are many cognitive supplements, and choosing among them can be difficult, Perceptiv has proven to be effective by the results of Shea’s multiple independent clinical studies," said Sevo CEO Bernie Prusaczyk. He noted that the results have been published in peer-reviewed, scientific journals and presented at numerous international conferences, including the Alzheimer’s Association international conferences held in Paris and Boston.

Perceptiv was licensed last year by Sevo and is available over the counter. According to the release, Perceptiv consists of a blend of three vitamins and three nutraceuticals (a term used to describe pharmaceuticals used as supplements) that together provide antioxidant protection to brain cells, provide an energy source and target a pivotal metabolic pathway critical to maintaining brain cell health and function.



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