Entergy's MISO Move Finishes as Company Celebrates its 100th Anniversary

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Dec. 16, 2013 12:00 am  

And like Entergy, the cost of integration for AECC was high. Sugg said calculations of the exact cost haven’t been made, but it’s certainly in the millions of dollars.


Once the cutover is complete, the work of actually operating within MISO begins.

“The process of getting demand and our supply is different than how we’ve done it historically,” McDonald said. “We’ll be operating in a very different environment.”

Castleberry said the process will be fine-tuned over time and, it’s hoped, will ramp up ratepayer savings. And when can Arkansas ratepayers expect to see these savings?

“I would say that they start on Jan. 1,” Castleberry said. “That’s when the system agreement payments go away, so that’s one benefit. And the daily energy costs, you should start seeing that on Day One.”

“I think with our proposal, MISO savings on a typical customer will be between 0.5 to 2.5 percent compared to what they would have had,” McDonald said.

Also following the integration, MISO has stated that it would build a $5 million to $8 million operations center in Little Rock that will employ 35 to 50 workers.

McDonald said he’s looking forward to the integration being completed.

“It’s a historic cutover,” he said. “It’ll be the first time since 1951 that Entergy Arkansas is not part of the system agreement, and moving into an RTO simultaneously is really a big deal. So the decades of litigation we’ve gone through over the past 30 years, frankly, we hope, the vast majority is behind us. It certainly will reduce the risk for Arkansas customers going forward.”



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