Josh Moody's Overwatch A-Go on Indiegogo

by Mark Carter  on Friday, Dec. 20, 2013 9:53 am  

Josh Moody's Overwatch app can be found on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

Overwatch, the Bentonville startup founded by Little Rock Catholic High senior Josh Moody, has launched a campaign on Indiegogo, an international crowdfunding platform.

Founded earlier this year, Overwatch is a real world, combat gaming app that brings features such as GPS tracking, voice chat and other perks to paintball, laser tag and airsoft games through users' smartphones. It was featured in Arkansas Business in October.

Moody teamed with Bentonville developers Joe Saumweber and Michael Paladino of RevUnit to enter Overwatch into the 2013 ARK Challenge business accelerator in Fayetteville over the summer, and the startup was named one of three winners. (Both Overwatch and RevUnit are Innovate Arkansas client firms.)

The win earned Overwatch a $150,000 funding round, and other funding came through an early Kickstarter campaign. Plus, Overwatch partnered with CyberGun, the world's largest airsoft manufacturer, giving it access to retail stores worldwide such as Academy Sports & Outdoors, Wal-Mart and Cabella's — in addition to every major online airsoft store — by early 2014.

But like most teenagers, Moody needs more money to finish his project. The Overwatch team is trying to raise $50,000 through Indiegogo to fund its first, finished product. The Overwatch app currently is beta testing and the hardware — a rail mount for users' guns that holds the smartphones and a personal mount for users' forearms.

Started earlier this week, the campaign had raised $1,646 as of Friday morning and will run through Jan. 26. All money raised will go to Overwatch regardless of whether or not the goal of $50,000 is reached.

Find Overwatch on Indiegogo at

Moody believes Overwatch can bridge the gap between physical and digital gaming. Literally, it can help gamers bring Call of Duty to life. Without the casualties, of course.

"We feel Indiegogo is the best place for us to plant the seeds of the Overwatch community," he said. "With strong backers and the money from our Indiegogo campaign, we'll be able to deliver a truly incredible product."

So, watch your six and stay tuned.



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