500,000 Have Visited Acxiom Consumer Site

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Dec. 23, 2013 12:00 am  

She said the company is “on the course of implementing those learnings as we expand and broaden the site.”

On the other hand, about a month after the site launched, CEO Scott Howe wrote on AboutTheData.com’s blog that “we’ve made some mistakes,” specifically in communication, site glitches and explanations of particular data points.

Some of the early issues, for example, involved users not being able to find themselves.

“This is where we learned we were dealing with consumers rather than businesses,” Glasgow said. “It asked for a name, first and last, and date of birth. What we didn’t say was that our verification service requires your official name rather than a nickname or if you go by your middle name or so forth.”

Also, users were filling out the date of birth section incorrectly.

Since then, the site has changed its language to specifically request a “legal given” name, and the date of birth section was tweaked.

For the future, Glasgow said Acxiom is refining the site and addressing some of those other issues.

One recent change involved removing some duplicated elements in the user’s data section. For example, “property type” and “property type detail” showed similar data, and the latter is being removed. Also, the “ethnicity” data point was frequently shown to be inaccurate and is being tweaked.

Glasgow said Acxiom has also been working to refine the registration process. She said striking a balance in that was difficult: It can’t be so easy to register that other users’ data can be accessed, but it can’t be so difficult that users abandon the process midway through.

Beyond technical issues, Glasgow said the site should eventually be a place for consumers to educate themselves on the types of services Acxiom provides.

“We’re looking for educational things that we might put on the site to help consumers understand marketing, and so people can become less intimidated by big data, which can become overwhelming,” Glasgow said. “We’ll be adding some to that.”



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