Eyenalyze Aims to Help Local Restaurants Compete

by Mark Carter  on Monday, Jan. 6, 2014 12:00 am  

The new Cache restaurant in Little Rock's River Market District is a client of Innovate Arkansas firm Eyenalyze. (Photo by Russ Powell)

The admiration is mutual. Clients have contributed a healthy chunk of the $200,000 raised by Eyenalyze on its way to a goal of $250,000 from angel investors. Helping struggling restaurateurs has been the most satisfying aspect of launching Eyenalyze for Rasmussen.

“They need tools that they can’t afford and we can deliver to stay in business,” he said. “In my CPA practice, I found that I could be more effective by accessing my clients’ data remotely and placing the data in a location in the cloud accessible 24/7. In the accounting world, most CPA practices are generalists. I saw successful practices creating niche markets and focused on one area.”

Eyenalyze enlisted the help of Innovate Arkansas to get started. IA advisers helped Rasmussen develop a Lean Startup business model approach that has helped the Eyenalyze team spread its message and get in front of investor groups.

The team is based in central Arkansas but for now Rasmussen outsources the Eyenalyze tech to southern California because of his connections there and its status as a mobile development hot spot. But he’s committed to staying in Arkansas.

“We intend to host the software and create an innovative sandbox team here in central Arkansas to develop data applications geared to be pushed to the mobile environment so restaurant operators can get their daily scorecard while waking up to a fresh pot of coffee every morning,” he said.



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