Little Rock CNG Station Will Bring Total To 7 in Arkansas

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Jan. 6, 2014 12:00 am  

Wendell Jones, director of fleet services for Little Rock, said the station will have a 200-horsepower compressor with one dispenser to handle smaller vehicles and a nozzle for 18-wheelers. CenterPoint Energy is supplying the CNG for the city, but Jones said the city will always be on the lookout for competitive prices from other gas companies.

The city has been using CNG for around a decade, Jones said, but its station was a slow-fill model. At that location, it would take all night to fill a regular car. The new station should be tremendously faster.

“On a normal date with normal temperatures, it should be able to fill up a car or vehicle within five minutes,” Jones said.

The station cost around $1.3 million. Jones said $400,000 of that went toward purchasing the land.

“It was really a good site, a good location for the station,” Jones said. “It’ll have easy accessibility on and off the freeway. That was one of the main factors when we decided to purchase that particular piece of property.”

The rest of the cost went toward work on the site and purchasing equipment.

The funding came from several sources: a $235,000 grant from the Arkansas Energy Office, a $100,000 grant from Southwestern Energy and the rest from the city of Little Rock’s budget.

Jones said the city wanted to build the station both for environmental and practical reasons.

“The city is certainly always concerned about our environment,” Jones said. “And certainly there would be less dependency on foreign fuel, but just as important as that is the reduced fuel bill.”

Also, the city’s fleet of CNG vehicles is growing, Jones said.

“Right now, we have seven vehicles,” he said. “This year we’ll begin to purchase or replace vehicles, and in that process we will be adding more CNG vehicles to our fleet.”

Departments currently using CNG vehicles include Fleet Services, Planning & Development and Public Works. Jones said the city plans to add more CNG-enabled vehicles to Public Works and Planning & Development. Housing & Neighborhood Programs will be getting CNG vehicles eventually, he added.



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