Mark Darr's Stance Invited Ouster Effort (AP Analysis)

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press  on Sunday, Jan. 12, 2014 7:35 am  

Arkansas Lt. Gov. Mark Darr

It was a move that few in the Legislature wanted to pursue, but leaders of both parties said was inevitable.

Darr didn't help matters with comments that seemed to lash out at fellow Republicans as much as Democrats, questioning the motives behind those who were calling for his resignation.

"What other elected officials do, that's up to them," Darr said Tuesday. "But I think they're either acting politically, they're ignorant of the true facts or they're having an emotional response."

It was a statement that seemed aimed at fellow Republicans who had called for him to step down, including the state's GOP congressional delegation. Even his resignation letter, addressed to the public and not any elected officials, suggested they were the ones who needed forgiveness more than him.

"All my forgiveness to those who play the games and all my respect and appreciation to those who serve with class and humility," Darr said Friday night.

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