Soul of the South Buys Little Rock HQ

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Jan. 20, 2014 12:00 am  

Former Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Richard Mays is chairman of the Soul of the South network's board.

The network can be seen on KMYA-TV, Channel 49, in Little Rock.

Morton said the jobs that will be added in Little Rock will be a variety of technical positions, many of which he said didn’t exist previously in the area. “We’ll be training local Arkansans to do these jobs,” he said.

Richard Mays, a former justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court, is chairman of Soul of the South. He said the network has a corner on its market.

“In term of our focus and our brand, our emphasis is on the culture of the South, the music of the South, the history of the South,” he said.

“That makes it unique, because the South is unique. … I think there’s a history and focus and entertainment element that not only speaks to the South but its role in developing this great country.”

Morton said the network’s focus also emphasizes more positive elements rather than sensationalized news.

“We have current news headlines, but our focus is on telling people what other people are doing to improve their lives. … That’s what attracted me to Soul of the South. This is a chance to have a company that promotes the values of the South and focuses on the positive effects on people’s lives,” he said.

He admitted that the positive emphasis is a harder sell, but he thinks it’s a good model.

“It’s not easy, but we believe that value system we create will win out in the long run,” he said.

“We have a compelling product that people would like to see. We have facts … and we entertain in the process. If we do a good job, we’ll be very competitive, we’ll make money and we’ll promote the South.”



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