Rejecting The Status Quo In Education (Robert Coon On Politics)

by Robert Coon  on Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014 2:43 pm  

Robert Coon

We live in a global economy. When it comes to education, workforce development and, ultimately, economic growth, we’re in direct competition with Asia and Europe. So building a solid educational foundation for the next generation is critical to our country’s long-term economic prosperity.

There’s no question that parental involvement and personal responsibility are the most important factors in positioning our children for educational success. And as much as we might want to legislate or mandate those things, the best we can do is strongly encourage them. Beyond that, it’s our collective responsibility to ensure that our education system is efficient and effective, and that our children are, in fact, learning. 

Common Core is not a panacea for our education system’s flaws. It’s also not perfect, and probably will never be. But we can’t leave our education system on autopilot because we’re afraid of change. State, national and global data have already shown us the results we’ll get if we continue to do the things we’re doing now. Isn’t it worth trying something different?

For that reason, I’m willing to give Common Core the benefit of the doubt in hopes that its standards will bring about positive changes in our education system, so that we can stop going backward and start moving forward, for all our sakes.

(Robert Coon is a partner at Impact Management Group, a public relations, public opinion, and public affairs firm in Little Rock and Baton Rouge, La. You can follow him on Twitter at RobertWCoon. His column appears every other Wednesday in the weekly Government & Politics e-newsletter. You can subscribe for free here.)



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