Alpha Medical Scopes Offers Repair Services

by Eric Monson  on Monday, Jan. 27, 2014 12:00 am  

Hot Springs’ Alpha Medical Scopes offers hospitals and surgical facilities in Arkansas a new way to repair their scopes.

Most scope repair and refurbishment companies rely on cross-country package deliveries, said Jay Brooks, president of sales at Alpha Medical Scopes. Since September, however, AMS has been offering a local touch: An employee, often Brooks himself, will drive to the clients’ facilities to retrieve damaged equipment. The employee then delivers it to a 7,500-SF space in Hot Springs that houses the company’s repair and refurbishment facilities.

The facility, which is shared with a separate company called Alpha Medical Equipment, can service everything from angioscopes to ureteroscopes, a capability that required an up-front investment of about $500,000. It’s an investment that is already bearing fruit. After only five months, AMS’ business has increased so much that Brooks and his partner, Tom Kimmes, owner of Alpha Medical Equipment, are planning to build a 16,000-SF facility in Hot Springs.

Another element of AMS’ local touch is education, such as presentations about properly handling scopes to decrease repair frequency. Such a service would seem to cut into profits, but, Brooks said, “If you’re going to be able to compete and offer a service, you have to be able to provide a solution as well, and that’s education on how to handle the scopes.” In addition to these presentations, he offers medical facilities a free equipment evaluation to determine if any scopes have developed leaks.

This face-to-face approach gives AMS an edge in the refurbished equipment market as well. Most companies in the industry buy used scopes solely from national networks, Brooks said, whereas AMS can sometimes buy extra or unneeded equipment directly from its repair customers, avoiding the cost of third-party resellers. After refurbishment, AMS sells the equipment with a one-year warranty; the equipment the company repairs comes with a four-month warranty.

As part of its ongoing efforts to widen its market share, AMS sells its equipment from its website, The company also can be contacted at (501) 627-1988 or (888) 603-0517.



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