In Fort Smith, Leaders Building A ‘Post-Industrial' World

by Marty Cook  on Monday, Jan. 27, 2014 12:00 am  

Sanders said he didn’t think the answer could be predicted because many local workers who find a job after a long period of unemployment will not immediately begin to spend money. Sanders estimated that many of these newly re-employed will instead use their paychecks to pay down past debt rather than contribute to the local economy by buying a new car or going on a shopping spree at the mall.

“Their discretionary income is going to be all over the map,” Sanders said.

Clark said the important fact is that Fort Smith has begun the transition to its post-industrialized world. No one quite knows what the future will look like either, he said.

“We are moving to post-industrial, and we have to figure out what it is going to be,” Clark said. “Change doesn’t come until you’re forced to change. There is no reason to think that the momentum that has begun won’t continue. Nothing says we won’t be vibrant in the future.”



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