Davy Carter Expects Private Option Funding Will Be Approved

by Mark Friedman  on Monday, Feb. 3, 2014 12:00 am  

Davy Carter

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences also supports the private option.

About half of its uninsured patients are eligible for insurance through the private option, according to UAMS’ Chancellor Dan Rahn.

“We believe the continuation by the private option next year would have a positive impact on UAMS’ clinical operation of $14 million,” Rahn said.

UAMS already is seeing more newly insured patients in its clinics and in other outpatient areas, Rahn said.

But the preliminary numbers don’t show much of a change in the percentage of newly insured patients in its emergency room. Through Jan. 28, 42 percent of patients were uninsured, while in January 2013, the percentage was 43 percent, according to UAMS. The number of patients with Arkansas Blue Cross & Blue Shield went from 8 percent in January 2013 to 10 percent through Jan. 28.

The Vote

Carter said favoring continuation of the private option is not the same as favoring “Obamacare.”

“Most everybody, including myself, is unhappy with the Affordable Care Act,” he said.

If the Legislature could vote to make health care reform go away, it would, Carter said. But then, “where do we go back to?” Carter said. “The default position is really bad.”



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