Maxine's Tap Room Applies for Wholesale Wine

by Arkansas Business Staff  on Monday, Feb. 3, 2014 12:00 am  

Maxine's Tap Room

The owner of a landmark watering hole in Fayetteville has applied to Alcoholic Beverage Control for an on-premise wine permit.

The move will allow Maxine’s Tap Room, opened in 1950, to purchase wine wholesale.

Maxine’s owner Andrea Foren applied for the permit in January and posted the notice on the front door of the drinking establishment at 107 N. Block Ave.

Foren, grandniece of the bar’s legendary founder, Maxine Miller, said the notification has to be posted for 30 days before ABC will issue the permit.

She noted the bar currently sells wine, but it has to be purchased from a local retailer.

The new permit, which applies to wine and beer with alcohol content greater than 6 percent, will allow Maxine’s to cut out the middleman and buy directly from a wholesaler.

Foren says the permit should save thousands of dollars a year.

“We don’t know the difference in price per bottle, but the main saving is not having to pay retail tax,” said Foren, who also works for the city of Fayetteville in purchasing. “It’s the quirky laws of the ABC.”

Maxine’s still has to purchase liquor retail because it doesn’t serve food so it is considered a private club.



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