Fayetteville Firm Develops Traffic Warning System

by Mark Carter  on Monday, Feb. 3, 2014 12:00 am  

The VL team: (From left) Chris Marts, Brett Sparkman, Eric Specking,Chris Farnell, Andrew Dodson, Brett Schaefer, Daniel Klein, Brett Shook. Not picured is Scott Smith.  

The closest things to ADAS currently on the market are digital message boards and camera monitoring systems, and neither can update drivers in real time about upcoming conditions.

"Both are expensive and inefficient," he said. "Digital message boards are very expensive to purchase up front and maintain and require a manual input of what the message needs to say. As for the camera monitoring systems, they watch traffic but nobody is observing these most of the time, and they don’t give oncoming traffic any warnings of what lies ahead. Our unique device aims to remedy both of these issues and more at less than half the price."

Schaefer said the current market push is vehicle onboard technology (vehicle-to-vehicle or V2V) that can sense proximity to other cars and react accordingly. But V2V technology is available only in luxury models and spans only short distances.

"The ADAS system provides unsurpassed value to all commuters on the road, no matter the vehicle they drive," Schaefer said. "The value to this is not only do all commuters benefit from the warning system, but it keeps drivers’ focus outside of the vehicle, not inside."

The system will include small, mobile “clickers” for emergency vehicles to activate when in pursuit or on a call.

"They can simply push the button, turning the system to all blue within a certain radius, alerting drivers both in front of and behind them or oncoming that they are present," Schaefer said. "This will give drivers ample warning to get out of the way or coordinate lane switches in a timely manner."

The ADAS system not only offers more uses than digital message boards and camera systems, but can be implemented at a fraction of the cost, Schaefer said. Target clients include — and, Schaefer stressed, aren’t limited to — state and federal agencies, local officials, GPS mapping companies and V2V manufacturers. 

Coming soon to a highway near you.



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