KSSN Leads Nielsen Radio Ratings

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Feb. 17, 2014 12:00 am  

Country music station KSSN-FM, 96, continued to lead Nielsen Audio’s autumn ratings of Little Rock area radio stations, which was released in January.

Nielsen Audio’s ratings for the Little Rock area represent 586,600 people in Faulkner, Lonoke, Pulaski and Saline counties.

The fall period included October, November and December and represented KSSN’s last ratings period with radio personality Bob Robbins. In November, Robbins, along with fellow DJ Jennifer Trafford, moved to KMJX-FM, 105.1 (The Wolf). Robbins’ program had aired on KSSN since 1979.

Both KMJX and KSSN are owned by Clear Channel.

KSSN had a rating of 10 and didn’t change from the same period last year.

KMJX had a rating of 4.7 in the fall period, down 2.8 percentage points from the previous year.

Two stations changed formats and dropped off the ratings listings since fall 2012: KHTE-FM, 96.5 The Voice, changed to news and talk from pop music; KKSP-FM, The Source, changed to sports from talk and news. Radio stations that do not subscribe to the Nielsen ratings are not included in the share data that Nielsen releases publicly.

The accompanying chart contains the average quarter-hour share data of listeners age 12 and older, 6 a.m. to midnight Monday through Sunday. Each share point equals 1 percent of total radio listening in the market.

Nielsen Audio Ratings
Fall period, October-December 2013

SubscriberFormatFall 2012Fall 2013Change
KSSN-FM, KSSN 96 FM Country 10 10 +0
KIPR-FM, Power 92.3 Jams Urban Contemporary 4.8 7.6 +2.8
KLAL-FM, 107.7 Alice Pop Contemporary 6.2 6.8 +0.8
KURB-FM, B 98.5 Adult Contemporary 5.3 6.3 +1.0
KKPT-FM, The Point 94.1 Classic Rock 5.9 5.5 -0.4
KABZ-FM, 103.7 The Buzz Talk/Personality 5.9 5.1 -0.8
KMJX-FM, 105.1 The Wolf Country 7.5 4.7 -2.8
KARN-FM, 102.9 News Radio News/Talk 3.7 4.2 +0.5
KHKN-FM, 94.9 Tom Adult Hits 3.1 3.9 +0.8
KHLR-FM, HeartBeat 106.7 Rhythm and Blues 3.7 3.3 -0.4
KDJE-FM, The Edge 100.3 Active Rock 4.5 2.8 -1.7
KARN-AM Sports NA 0.6 NA
KHTE-FM, 96.5 The Voice* News/Talk 1.7 NA NA
KKSP-FM, The Source** Sports 0.6 NA NA
KCNY-FM, Y 107.1 Country 0.6 NA NA
*Listed as kHits 96.5 in Fall 2012        
**Listed as Fresh Talk 93.3 in Fall 2012        
Source: Nielsen Audio      



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