ExpressJet Airlines Guarantees Interview for Henderson Aviation Graduates

by Lee Hogan  on Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014 5:04 pm  

The job search for Henderson State aviation students just got a bit easier with the announcement that ExpressJet Airlines Inc. has guaranteed an interview to any Henderson flight training graduate that meets specific qualifications.

Henderson aviation students were made aware of the Pilot Pathway Agreement at an announcement Thursday from ExpressJet’s manager for pilot recruiting Dan Robertson.

“This will be a great boost for you and the airline industry,” Robertson told the students. “What we’re going to do is come back and give you a guaranteed interview with ExpressJet.”

Robertson said the agreement comes at a time when all airlines are suffering a pilot shortage.

“There’s not a regional airline in American that can fill their new-hire classes, including us,” he said. “This will benefit you.”

In addition to the guaranteed job interview, Robertson said the regional airline would provide assistance to the aviation students. 

Troy Hogue, chair of Henderson’s aviation department, expressed the university’s gratitude to ExpressJet, and said this agreement met one of the variables for career advancement for its students.

“Based upon the past performance of Henderson aviation graduates, I have no doubt that the vast majority of our professional pilot students will meet the criteria in the agreement and will see a successful outcome of the interview as well,” he said.

ExpressJet is the largest regional airline in the world, and touts an all-jet fleet of more than 400 aircraft that provide an average of 2,200 daily flights while partnering with American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines.



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