CJRW Takes On Changes in Marketing Industry

by Luke Jones  on Monday, Mar. 10, 2014 12:00 am  

CJRW CEO Wayne Woods (Photo by Jason Burt)

“Areas that used to be done with people are now done by computer,” Rutherford said.

Newer workers in the same fields are more accustomed to multitasking, he said, and are more flexible.

“One of the ways we did that was we wear a lot of different hats,” Bell said. “As we grew, we all were multi-disciplined. We could approach clients without bringing a lot of folks in and increasing overhead.”

But ERI is not so lean that it couldn’t be a beneficiary of two departures from CJRW: Bryan Jones is now digital director for ERI and Caroline Puddephatt is a PR account executive for Ghiddotti Communications, a separate company that serves as ERI's PR arm.

Robert Coon, a partner at Impact Management and political columnist for ArkansasBusiness.com, said clients are also seeking a different experience than they did in the past.

“There’s a changed dynamic of what clients are looking for or a dynamic of what fits their needs,” he said. “In regards to that, a lot of firms have an older, institutional model of the traditional media market.”

Starting up is easier now, too. Coon said size is “not a hurdle that it used to be for the smaller boutiques,” and the price of entering the industry has dropped.

“Getting a film crew or getting the right type of equipment in-house is not what it used to be,” he said.

A small firm, Coon added, also allows a “real time, rapid response type of PR. Having a model that is built around speed and nimbleness is really important for a lot of our clients.”

Rutherford said the changes at CJRW may be a response to the younger, speedier style of these newer firms.

“The days of the traditional office setting, the days of all that, are changing,” Rutherford said. “Where people are working from home, or working by distance, CJRW is having to make adjustments. The move from Capital Avenue down to the creative corridor of Main Street is, I believe, reflective of the young talent at the agency.”

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