Acumen's Goal: To Own the Southern Lifestyle Marketplace

by Marty Cook  on Monday, Mar. 10, 2014 12:00 am  

Lela Davidson (top), director of content for Acumen Brands and John Elliott (below), director of partnership marketing. Kiva Systems robots (right) bring merchandise for stocking at the Acumen Brands warehouse across from the company’s 200,000-SF headquarters.  (Photos by Beth Hall)

The Multibillion-Dollar Goal

The Acumen headquarters resembles a rec hall more than a business center, with foosball and pingpong tables and youthful employees walking around casually dressed. Davidson said what the building really needs is a pool table.

The relaxed appearance belies the driving energy in the building. The developers are upstairs, Davidson said, while marketing is on the ground floor and the photography department is in the back.

“We’ve assembled a group of hyper-talented, hyper-competitive people pursuing the audacious goal of changing the entire face of retail,” James said. “With a great team pursuing a huge idea, growth comes naturally.”

Acumen has branched out in the offline world, too, opening a Country Outfitter store in the Old Post Office on the Fayetteville Square. Turpin told Arkansas Business in August that the location reinforced that Acumen was a Fayetteville company.

Its goals are much bigger than Fayetteville, of course.

“Our goals for the coming year haven’t changed — we will continue laying the groundwork needed to build a multibillion-dollar publicly traded company,” James said. “We’ve made huge strides toward that goal, and seeing the success of Zulily’s public offering and Gilt’s impending IPO motivates us to achieve similar, if not grander, success.”



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