Conway Chiropractic Duo Working To Resolve Complaints

by Mark Friedman  on Monday, Mar. 24, 2014 12:00 am  

Chiropractors Keith and Natalie Currie of Conway (left) said they have successfully treated thousands of patients at their clinic. The Curries are represented by attorney Michael Lamoureux of Russellville (right), who is also the current President Pro Tempore of the Arkansas Senate.

Sadler, the spokesman for the AG’s office, said in an email to Arkansas Business that one of the three complaints was submitted to the Chiropractic Board on Feb. 2, 2009 — exactly two years before the board said it received the complaint.

As for the other two complaints, which were also received at the board on Feb. 2, 2011, “no one who was involved in handling these complaints is still employed by our office,” Sadler wrote.

Those two complaints were related to billing and medical records questions. “We would not typically send those complaints to the board,” he wrote.

Wright said Barnett had the authority to investigate the Curries, who are under the board’s jurisdiction.

Still, Keith Currie saw Barnett’s actions as bullying and unjust.

“We are honest people who provide outstanding service to the community and I will not sit by and watch a group of people (who do not understand my practice) condemn me without a fight,” Keith Currie wrote in his response in May 2011.

Natalie Currie also complained that she was just the office manager and had never been a treating physician for any patients at the office.

“How can the ASBCE find it necessary or just to question my licensure on managerial concerns of any nature?” Natalie Currie wrote in a letter that the board received on June 20, 2011. “I am not practicing as a chiropractor.”

As part of the investigation into the patients’ complaints, the board, with the patients’ consent, issues subpoenas for the patients’ medical record.

But when Barnett tried to get the patients’ records, the Curries wouldn’t hand them over for several months in 2011, according to the board’s files.

On Dec. 11, 2011, the board found the Curries guilty of unprofessional conduct for failing to comply with the board-issued subpoenas and fined them $2,500 for each subpoena ignored. Natalie Currie had four subpoenas and Keith Currie had seven.

The Curries have appealed the ruling.

Keith Currie said in his May 2011 response to the board that he had done “an exceptional job” because of the tens of thousands of people with whom he’s come in contact there have been only a small number of complaints.

“My clinic has helped over a couple of thousand people get their quality of life back,” he wrote.



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