Arkansas Tech Board Approves $11.6M CDI Bid for New Facility

by Lee Hogan  on Monday, Mar. 24, 2014 12:16 pm  

This artist's rendering shows the location of a proposed academic, student support and administrative facility on the Arkansas Tech University campus. The Board of Trustees awarded an $11.6 million construction contract to CDI Contractors in March. (Photo by Arkansas Tech University)

Bryan Hall received a makeover of sorts to help it serve as an administrative facility, but Strasner said the renovations had "gone as far as it could." Early thoughts pointed toward an add-on to the Doc Bryan Center before the new facility was proposed.

"The opportunity to replace Bryan Hall with a more functional building was an attractive option," Strasner said.

Lower Estimate, Lower Cost

Thanks to the $11.6 million bid from CDI, the latest total cost estimate of the new facility was about $1.7 million less than the previously expected total cost of around $16.5 million.

The original budget had the building funded by $5.5 million in revenue bonds, $7.1 million in university physical plant funds, and about $4.5 million in appropriations from the Arkansas Legislature and the governor's office. 

Strasner said the lower construction bid will result in a reduction in funds from one of the areas, but he said he was not sure which one at this time.

The lower construction bid was not due to anything being removed from the facility, but instead a "better than expected" bid, Strasner said.

Here's a breakdown of what each floor of the academic, student support and administrative facility will hold:

First floor — Admissions

Second floor — Student ID Card Office and Student Accounts

Third floor — Registrar, Upward Bound and Student Support Services

Fourth floor — Payroll Budget and Human Resources

Classrooms and conference rooms will also be located on each floor. Preliminary drawings showed seven classrooms and four conference/seminar rooms.



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