John Glasgow to Dillard's: ‘Call Off the Dogs'

by Gwen Moritz  on Monday, Mar. 31, 2014 12:00 am  

John Glasgow worked a lot on the weekend before he disappeared. He used an electronic key to enter and leave the CDI office several times on Saturday and again on Sunday, but no surveillance camera was trained on the employee entrance he used.

That evening, he and Melinda went across the street for a dinner party hosted by John’s older cousin, Dick Norton. When he got back home, John fell asleep in front of the television with his favorite cat on a blanket on his lap.

Melinda went to bed upstairs and hasn’t seen him since.

Brian Rosenthal, an attorney with the Rose Law Firm, set multiple alarm clocks so that he would wake up early on Monday, Jan. 28. While he was making sure that he had turned off all the alarms, Rosenthal heard a car outside.

“I thought that was pretty unusual,” he said, but then again, “I’m not up that early all that often, so I couldn’t say for sure.” It was maybe as late as 5:15 a.m.

When he looked out, he saw John Glasgow driving east on South Lookout toward Point Circle, the way he generally headed for work.

At least he assumed it was John. When the family started looking for John later that day, Rosenthal realized that he hadn’t actually seen the driver and he hadn’t studied the car carefully enough to say without a doubt that it was Glasgow’s.

“I saw the car leaving from in front of John’s house. ... I assumed it was John, yes. When someone asked me later if I had seen John, my answer would have been, yes, I saw him drive off.”

An electronic “ping” from John’s cellphone was recorded on an Alltel tower in Little Rock at 5:15 that morning, Roger Glasgow said, so the family doesn’t doubt that Rosenthal saw John leaving home. But he never entered the CDI offices that day, and his car hasn’t been spotted on surveillance videos along the route to the office.

When Melinda got up, her husband and the Volvo were gone. Since his bathroom was downstairs and he took care of his own wardrobe, she wasn’t surprised that he could have gotten ready for work and left without waking her.

She went to her own job in the PR department at Heifer International’s headquarters in downtown Little Rock.

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