John Glasgow to Dillard's: ‘Call Off the Dogs'

by Gwen Moritz  on Monday, Mar. 31, 2014 12:00 am  

About 2:30 that afternoon, Christy Clark, whom John Glasgow had hired as an accountant at CDI and who later married William Clark, called Melinda to ask where John was.

“I knew that if he wasn’t at work, something was wrong. That’s just not John. He’s the most responsible person I have known in my entire life,” Melinda said.

Christy Clark dispatched a search party to Glasgow’s house, but no one was home. Melinda called her brother-in-law Roger and John’s best friend, PR executive Mitch Chandler, and asked them to meet her at the house.

After the three called in vain anyone who might know where he went, Chandler called the Little Rock Police Department. The responding officer was persuaded to make a missing person report at 5:54 p.m. even though John had been missing for only 12 hours.

The police report sounded ominous: “J. Glasgow had recently been stressed over events occurring at work but he never made any statements about harming himself. … M. Glasgow advised that J. Glasgow wrote a bank account number and the code to their personal safe on a pad of paper and left it on the table along with some checks to be mailed. M. Glasgow also advised that a 22 rifle was missing from the residence.”

The last part irritates Melinda. It was Chandler, she said, who told the police about the only firearm John owned, a single-shot antique that was later found in an armoire in the Glasgow home.

“It was ridiculous of Mitch to even mention it,” Melinda said. “It was never a concern for me.”

The significance of the account number and safe code is unclear. The account number wasn’t secret — it was printed on their checks. The safe combination was kept elsewhere in the house.

“There wasn’t one single thing that alarmed me at all. Nothing,” Melinda said, not even with the benefit of hindsight. “I’ve retraced it a hundred times — well, should I have looked here or noticed that? — and nothing.”

“Really, I guess we kind of hyped the significance of those items to expedite the missing-persons report,” Roger said. “Except for the rifle. That did concern me.”

The Only Clue

Because CDI owned the Alltel cellphone John Glasgow carried, William Clark called Alltel’s CEO, Scott Ford, and asked him to expedite a trace. By Tuesday investigators knew that the phone had bounced a ping off a cell tower near Petit Jean on Monday, and that information quickly led to the discovery early Tuesday afternoon of Glasgow’s Volvo.



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