John Glasgow to Dillard's: ‘Call Off the Dogs'

by Gwen Moritz  on Monday, Mar. 31, 2014 12:00 am  

That news persuaded Melinda that John would be located in short order. Her worst fear was that he was injured. But the official multi-agency search was finally called off after five days.

George Stowe-Rains of the Arkansas Forestry Commission arrived at Petit Jean on Wednesday night to act as “incident commander.” He brought in a dog and handler with whom he has had success in the past, to no avail. He doesn’t think John Glasgow was there to be found.

“If he was on that mountain, we’d have found him. I feel relatively certain that we would have,” he said.

The Glasgow family paid to bring in trained dogs and handlers from Maine and Virginia, and their failure to find any sign at all persuaded the family to abandon the search on Petit Jean.

Weeks later, Stowe-Rains said the Glasgow case still had him “befuzzled.”

“There’s something fishy,” he said, but he’s no conspiracy theorist. In fact, he said, 80-plus searches over 20 years have taught him that “the more conspiratorial you get, the farther you get from what actually happened.”

“Either [Glasgow] accomplished his plan to disappear or something went completely wrong on him clearing his head and he’s up on the mountain. But I just don’t think that,” he said.

Stowe-Rains dismissed the idea that Glasgow might have used an uncontrolled private airstrip on Petit Jean “because if he was going to fly out of there, he would have parked closer to the strip.”

No evidence suggests that anyone beside John Glasgow drove his car to Mather Lodge, Stowe-Rains said. “And that’s another thing — if you are wanting to dump a car, why would you dump the car in the fricking parking lot?”

Nor is there any reason to think Glasgow was suicidal, he said. Neither Melinda Glasgow nor her brother-in-law Roger entertain the idea that John could have killed himself.

“No. Absolutely not. I know that without a doubt. No,” Melinda said.

And there are several more theories she dismisses out of hand.

“There is zero doubt in my mind that there’s another woman. There is zero doubt in my mind that there was any money thing. … Our house is paid for; our cars are paid for; we have zero debt. We don’t have money problems, and would he take money that wasn’t his? Absolutely not.”



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