Jonathan Brawner, Mastermind of One Failed Kidnapping, Claims He Hid John Glasgow's Body

by Gwen Moritz  on Monday, Mar. 31, 2014 12:00 am  

Brawner couldn’t raise $50,000 bail and was held in the Faulkner County jail pending his trial in April, and he’s been there since the jury convicted him. On the witness stand against her former husband, Renea Brawner said, “He told me that he had helped a friend of his in Little Rock bury a body before.”

“That was said in open court,” Shaw said last week, “so he decided he was ready to talk to law enforcement” about his knowledge of the unsolved disappearance of John Glasgow.

And yes, he expects some consideration in return for his help; Brawner’s sentencing on the stalking charge has been postponed until March. “There’s no firm deal in place, but nobody gives something for nothing,” Shaw said.

According to Shaw, Brawner told Little Rock police detectives that acquaintances to whom he owed money had pressed him into helping bury the body of John Glasgow in a bean field near England in Lonoke County. During the summer growing season, Shaw said, a small portion of the field was searched, but a thorough search using soil-penetrating sonar-type equipment is planned now that the field has been harvested.

Brawner has told his lawyer and investigators the names of the people he allegedly helped to bury Glasgow on the day he was last seen leaving his Little Rock home, Jan. 28, 2008.

No one that Arkansas Business has talked to — not Shaw, not Daven, not Glasgow’s brother Roger — knows of any connection between Brawner and John Glasgow. But Jim Daven doesn’t believe Brawner’s claim that he was only involved after the fact.

“If I were a betting man, I’d lay money on the table that he’s a major player,” Daven said last week.

The only thing surprising about Brawner’s alleged involvement in one of the most high-profile cases in Arkansas, Daven said, is how long Glasgow’s disappearance has remained a mystery.

“I didn’t think he was the caliber who could do anything like this — or not as successfully as it was done,” he said.

‘There Are Similarities’

After KARK-TV, Channel 4, broke the news Jan. 11, 2012, that a Faulkner County jail inmate named Jon Brawner claimed to have helped bury missing CDI Contractors executive John Glasgow, Jim Daven started comparing his experience with Brawner to the few facts known about Glasgow’s disappearance.

“The more I think about it and the more detail I see, there are similarities,” Daven said last week.



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