Unemployment Rates Down in 29 States, including Arkansas, in February

by Lee Hogan  on Friday, Mar. 28, 2014 10:36 am  

•Government jobs came in at about 215,600 workers in February, down from 216,000 a year ago, but up from 215,200 in January.

•Education and health services employed about 173,800 Arkansans in February, up from 173,300 in January and 171,600 a year ago.

•Manufacturing jobs, estimated at 154,300 in February, were up from 153,600 in January and 153,800 a year ago.

•Professional and business services employed about 128,400 in February. Those numbers are down from 129,300 in January, but up, slightly, from 128,300 a year ago.

•Leisure and hospitality employed an estimated 109,000 in February, the same as January numbers, but up from 104,400 a year ago.

•Financial activities employment numbers, estimated at 49,300 in February, were down from 50,000 in January and 49,400 a year ago.

•Construction jobs employed an estimated 48,900 Arkansans in February, up from 48,100 in January and 46,700 a year ago.



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