Stampede Logistics Buys Daniell Transport Provider

by Marty Cook  on Tuesday, Apr. 22, 2014 9:49 am  

Stampede Logistics LLC of Little Rock announced it was buying a Georgia fuel transportation company.

Stampede, a bulk fuel transportation company that does business as Stampede Transportation, said it was purchasing Daniell Transport Provider of Bishop, Ga. Stampede did not specify how much it was paying for Daniell, but said the new purchase would do business as Stampede Transportation.

Stampede, which operates 14 trucks, was bought by AET Holdings of Dallas in March. AET Holdings operates two fuel transport companies, Stampede and American Energy Transport, which operates chiefly in Texas.

Stampede services Arkansas, Louisiana and western Tennessee, and the acquisition of Daniell will allow coverage of the Atlanta market. Stampede Manager Jeff Johnson said AET Holdings wants to expand Stampede from Arkansas east and Daniell is the first step of that expansion.

Johnson said some of Stampede’s national customers have business in Georgia and had expressed the desire to use Stampede. Johnson said Daniell was identified as a possible target by AET Holdings.

Daniell operates two tanker trucks and has and staff of seven. Johnson said the staff will remain and Stampede intends to expand operations by four tankers.

"They have a good customer base and a good management team," Johnson said. "The goal is to grow in the southeast. This was an opportunity in Georgia so we jumped Mississippi. We’ll be working to fill that gap."

Johnson said AET and Stampede were working further purchases in their regions but none was ready to be made public.

"This is the beginning of our efforts to provide a greater amount of resources in our current operating areas, as well as expand our presence in the southeastern states," said AET Holdings Chairman Shawn Bhagat in the news release.



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