Speaking at Farm Bureau Forum, Tom Cotton Defends 'No' Vote On Farm Bill

by Andrew DeMillo, The Associated Press  on Tuesday, Apr. 22, 2014 3:59 pm  

Tom Cotton

"One of my opponents is saying he's going to cut $100 million in taxes and then worry about balancing the budget later," Ross said, a jab at Hutchinson's tax cut plan. "I'm saying we're going to balance the budget and then cut taxes as we can afford it."

Hutchinson defended the proposal, saying the state's surplus shows that it can afford such a reduction.

"The important part of my plan is it is designed to be more competitive in our individual income tax rate, that helps everyone and that is a priority," Hutchinson said.

Both Ross and Hutchinson are former congressmen who face underfunded rivals in their respective primaries. Little Rock businessman Curtis Coleman, who is also seeking the GOP nomination, vowed to oppose any laws restricting farmers' property rights and said he would fight the use of eminent domain for private use.

"For government to take private property from one property owner to give it to another private property owner in my opinion is not eminent domain, it's theft. And I will fight that with all the ability I have as governor," Coleman said.

Lynette Bryant, who is seeking the Democratic nomination, stopped short of offering any specific policy proposals but said she would advocate for the state's farmers.

"I will fight for your needs and I will fight for your wants because I know Mother Nature is not always with us," she said.

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