Top 20 Arkansas Highway Projects Survive Fiscal Cliff as AHTD Pares Down Roster

by George Waldon  on Monday, Apr. 28, 2014 12:00 am  

Work at the Interstate 630-430 interchange in west Little Rock, the No. 2 highway project in the state, is a year away from completion.

The company is widening a nearly 1.6-mile stretch of U.S. 167 through the Saline River bottoms in Dallas County, a $29.1 million contract (No. 16 on the list).

Conway’s Nabholz Construction Corp. has pursued highway work in Arkansas for about five years.

The company also is licensed to pursue jobs in Oklahoma.

“We’ve assisted on a couple of jobs as a subcontractor in Oklahoma,” said Jim Spotts, manager of Nabholz Construction Services.

Nabholz is widening a 6.1-mile piece of U.S. 62 in Benton County between Avoca and Garfield, a nearly $23.3 million contract and the 19th largest currently under construction in the state.

Top 20 Arkansas Highway Projects Under Construction
As of April 22, 2014

1. Hwy. 22/I-40
County: Sebastian
Route: I-540
Contractor: Kiewit Infrastructure South Co., Omaha, Neb.
Type Work: Reconstruction
Length: 4.59
Award Amount: $78,829,029
Let Date: November 2012
Estimated Completion: May 2014

2. I-430/I-630 Interchange Modifications (Phase III)
County: Pulaski
Route: I-430 & I-630
Contractor: Weaver-Bailey Contractors Inc., El Paso & Manhattan Road & Bridge Co., Tulsa
Type Work: Interchange
Award Amount: $78,123,925
Let Date: November 2010
Estimated Completion: May 2015

3. U.S. 71B-Hwy. 72 South (Bella Vista Bypass)
County: Benton
Route: U.S. 71
Contractor: Kolb Grading LLC, St. Charles, Mo.
Type Work: New Location
Length: 6.37
Award Amount: $52,605,673
Let Date: February 2014
Estimated Completion: March 2016

4. Forrest City-East
County: St. Francis
Route: I-40
Contractor: APAC Tennessee Inc., Memphis
Type Work: Reconstruction
Length: 7.88
Award Amount: $51,946,709
Let Date: April 2013
Estimated Completion: July 2014

5. U.S. 65-East
County: Faulkner
Route: I-40
Contractor: Mid-South Pavers LLC, Nashville, Tenn.
Type Work: Major Widening
Length: 8.20
Award Amount: $44,659,165
Let Date: December 2011
Estimated Completion: June 2014



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