Tornado Hits 1 Arkansas Street Particularly Hard

by Andrew DeMillo and Jim Salter  on Tuesday, Apr. 29, 2014 7:28 am  

An aerial view of tornado damage in Mayflower, by THV 11 News photographer Kenny Allison. The National Weather Service estimates that the tornado that hit Vilonia and Mayflower was probably at least an EF3 on the 0-to-5 EF scale, which means winds greater than 136 mph. (Photo by Kenny Allison/THV 11 News)

On Aspen Creek Drive, Noble and Chavez were lucky. Both thought the storm would blow over, and both stayed home, taking shelter in closets with their husbands and kids.

At the worst of it, the unthinkable happened: A neighbor man flew out of his own home into the side of the Noble home. Noble tried CPR "but I think he was already dead," she said.

Chavez and her husband clung to the kids the whole time.

"I held onto my youngest, and my husband held onto my oldest," Chavez said. "The windows were breaking but the kids were good because we shielded them."

She said next time, she'll take the family to a shelter — if there is a next time. Two twisters in three years has her skittish.

"We're thinking about leaving Vilonia," she said. "Twice is enough."

Names of the Victims

The 15 victims killed in the tornado that hit Arkansas on Sunday night. The names were released by Faulkner County spokesman David Hogue, the White County Sheriff's Office and a relative of the Paron victims.

  • Paula Blakemore, 55, El Paso
  • Mark Bradley, 51, Mayflower
  • Jamye Collins, 50, Vilonia
  • Helen Greer, 72, Mayflower
  • Jeffrey Hunter, 22, Vilonia
  • Dennis Lavergne, 52, Vilonia
  • Glenna Lavergne, 53, Vilonia
  • David Mallory, 57, Vilonia
  • Robert Oliver, 82, Mayflower
  • Cameron Smith, 8, Vilonia
  • Tyler Smith, 7, Vilonia
  • Rob Tittle, Paron
  • Rebekah Tittle, 14, Paron
  • Tori Tittle, 20, Paron
  • Daniel Wassom, 31, Vilonia


DeMillo reported from Mayflower. Associated Press writers Justin Juozapavicius in Vilonia, Christina Huynh in Mayflower, Jill Bleed in Little Rock; Kristi Eaton and Tim Talley in Oklahoma City; and Roxana Hegeman in Baxter Springs, Kan., contributed to this report.


Aerial shots of Mayflower tornado damage by THV 11 News' Kenny Allison.

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