Bentonville Leads the Pack in Arkansas Tech Business Index

by Lee Hogan  on Tuesday, Apr. 29, 2014 1:14 pm  

Bentonville was also the highest rated municipality, in terms of numbers from the fourth-quarter of 2013. The city's index rating was 105.64, compared to 105.52 in the third-quarter and 106.51 in the second-quarter.

Conway, 101.3, Fayetteville, 104.61, Fort Smith, 102.32, Hot Springs, 100.72, Jonesboro, 101.08, North Little Rock, 101.57, Rogers, 104.67, and Springdale, 102.58, were also above 100 in the fourth-quarter.

Searcy had the lowest fourth-quarter numbers, coming in at 88.71. That's compared to third-quarter numbers of 89.26 and 88.77 in the second-quarter.

2013 Overall Numbers

In a clean-sweep, Bentonville also outperformed all other selected cities for the year with a 106.08 ATBI rating. Still, that number was down from the city's index in 2012, 106.11, and 2011, 107.35.

It was a trend that was seen across the state as Mark Fusaro, associate professor of economics at Arkansas Tech, said five-eighths of the cities outperformed the historical average, but only three-eighths had a higher reading than in 2012.

Conway, 101.54, Fayetteville, 104.77, Fort Smith, 102.88, Hot Springs, 101.05, Jonesboro, 100.78, North Little Rock, 101.55, Rogers, 104.37, Russellville, 100.42, and Springdale, 102.83, were above 100 for 2013.

But only Conway, Fayetteville and Fort Smith saw numbers higher than in 2012. Fort Smith was the only of the three to see a higher rating in 2013 than in both 2012 and 2011.

Searcy, 88.70, saw the lowest rating for 2013. That was down from 88.26 in 2012 and 97.48 in 2011.

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