Massage Therapist Pleads Guilty, Will Testify Against Barrows

by Mark Friedman  on Monday, May. 5, 2014 12:00 am  

Drs. Robert and Angela Barrow practice at this office in west Little Rock. | (Photo by Jason Burt)

That case has been wending its way through Pulaski County Circuit Court since 2011.

The damages that Haupt is seeking include payment for 244 physical therapy sessions that totaled nearly $26,000, according to a summary of medical expenses that was filed in the case.

“Throughout this litigation it has been [Clouse’s] position that the physical therapy the Barrows prescribed was excessive and medically unnecessary,” Fowler said in the filings. “The therapy records at issue contain anomalies that, when viewed in the light of the Barrows’ recent indictment, cast additional doubt on the validity of the medical treatment in this case.”

According to the court records filed in the case, Angela Barrow was the first practitioner to examine Haupt after the accident in December 2010. She referred Haupt for treatment by physical therapist Derek Lagemann at Ortho Rehab & Specialty Centers in Little Rock.

Lagemann told Arkansas Business last week that he “didn’t have any affiliation with Dr. [Robert] Barrow.” Lagemann said he occasionally saw Barrow’s patients, but that was the extent of the relationship.

According to the legal filings, Lagemann released Haupt from treatment in June 2011, about six months after the accident, and reported that Haupt “reports no pain.”

That was the end of the physical therapy sessions — for several months. The sessions restarted in April 2012, thanks to a referral from Robert Barrow.

He became involved in the treatment of Haupt after he and his wife were deposed in March 2012 to prepare for Haupt’s trial, which was scheduled for April 2012.

Robert Barrow said during the March 2012 deposition that he didn’t examine Haupt after the accident, but said she had a permanent ligament injury.

Within days after the deposition, he became Haupt’s treating physician and said a back injury she received related to cheerleading in 2011 was also tied to the December 2010 car wreck, according to a defense filing.

Robert Barrow ordered more physical therapy. Haupt returned to Ortho Rehab for treatment by physical therapist Robert Tillman on April 5, 2012. “Over the next year and a half, therapist Rob Tillman conducted roughly 100 physical therapy sessions with [Haupt],” Fowler said in the filing.

Fowler said Robert Barrow didn’t monitor or modify the treatments during that time.



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