Talk Radio on Hold Against Low Ratings, Changing Audience

by Luke Jones  on Monday, May. 12, 2014 12:00 am  

Alice Stewart

“How many days a week can you be told the sky is falling before you stop believing in Chicken Little?” he said.

But is the sky really falling for conservative radio?

Doug Krile, executive director of the Arkansas Broadcasters Association, offered one other perspective.

“It seems to me that a lot of this is cyclical,” he said. “Listeners like it when the people on talk radio support and encourage their point of view. Is the ratings drop a sign that all of the ‘former’ listeners have changed their personal political stance? The elections will be a much better indicator of that than any analysis I’d provide, but it seems that kind of wholesale shift would be unlikely.”

(Correction, May 13, 2014: In the original version of this story, Arkansas Business reported erroneously that Rush Limbaugh's show's ranking had fallen in New York and Los Angeles. The story has been corrected.)



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