David Couch: 30 Days to Get Signatures for Proposal Allowing Alcohol Sales

by Lee Hogan  on Tuesday, May. 20, 2014 11:34 am  

The statewide approach offers an easier avenue than the county-specific route. For the county issues to make their way to the November ballot, 38 percent of the registered voters in each county much sign the petition.

That means about 25,000 signatures in Saline County, 24,800 in Faulkner County, 20,000 in Craighead County and 6,300 in Columbia. In all, the four counties will need a combined 76,100 signatures, compared to the 78,133 signatures needed for Couch's proposed amendment for the entire state.

"I just don't think anyone has thought about it," Couch said.

What if it Passes?

If the amendment makes its way to the November ballot and is approved by voters, alcohol sales would be legal in all Arkansas counties. The amendment would also repeal laws that allow counties to hold wet-dry votes.

Couch said the proposal would not change any state regulations already in place and would give the regulation of manufacture, sale, distribution and transportation of alcoholic beverages to the Arkansas Legislature.

The general election is Nov. 4.



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