Lindsey Co. Faces Changing Market as Golf Course Demand Drops

by Marty Cook  on Monday, May. 26, 2014 12:00 am  

Lyndy Lindsey: “Dad is fair — you work your butt off, you get rewarded. That is how he has always been. That is the foundation.” | (Photo by Beth Hall)

Jim Lindsey, 69, is less of a presence at the companies that bear his name, but Lyndy Lindsey said his father is still active and involved with the companies’ activities.

“He has never talked about retirement,” Lindsey said. “He has never talked about going anywhere. The bottom line is whatever happens down the road, we’re going to keep his dream going.”

Regardless of how involved he is, Jim Lindsey’s imprint is all over the Lindsey brands, said his son. Rogerson said Jim Lindsey’s fairness coupled with a demanding nature resulted in the success the Lindsey firms have seen.

“We have a bunch of great people who work here in this office and in this company,” Lindsey said. “We can’t do it without them. So many people are involved in this whole thing that it is really more to me about all the people who work in this building.

“Dad is fair — you work your butt off, you get rewarded. That is how he has always been. That is the foundation.”

Rogerson, who has been with Lindsey Management for almost 20 years, said the whole Lindsey atmosphere is a family one. Lyndy Lindsey said that is one of the reasons behind the drive to keep the companies successful.

“We have construction superintendents who build these complexes because they’ve been working on them for years,” Lindsey said. “They have families to feed and we want to keep them busy. We’re out there trying to chase down the next project to keep these people busy. What’s the alternative? You’d have to let go a bunch of people that you love.”

The market is the determining factor. Lindsey said when the management company puts in a new complex in a community, the market will tell them if they’re right, as they have been so many times.

“We pride ourselves in being 100 percent full,” Lindsey said. “It’s hard to get 100 percent full. The market is going to tell you. You can sit there and try every tactic known to man and it’s going to tell you if that particular market needs more units or not.”

Lindsey said the success of the Lindsey family brands cannot be credited to one person, certainly not himself, as he repeatedly stressed.

“We have great people working for us, and we’ve been blessed,” Lindsey said. “It’s going to keep going, and we’re going to work each day. In the morning we are going to put our feet on the floor and tackle the problems we encounter. We are just going to keep on keeping on.”



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